UHaul Los Angeles vs. Hiring Movers

UHaul Los Angeles vs. Hiring Movers
UHaul Los Angeles vs. Hiring Movers

UHaul Los Angeles vs. Hiring Movers

Relocating is never fun.  It’s a tedious process involving a lot of mental and physical stress and if you aren’t careful it can cost you considerably more money than what you anticipated by doing it yourself.

Many individuals oftentimes consider the do-it-yourself route and choose to rent a truck and handle everything themselves instead of hiring a professional moving service to do the work for them.

What to consider when making your decision

If you are faced with relocating, whether it is across town or out of state and you are trying to decide on U-Haul Los Angeles vs. hiring movers.  Before you ever determine whether you want to do the move yourself or hire a professional moving service, you’re going to want to know a couple of key things.

First of all, how much stuff do you have and secondly, how far are you moving? The answer to these is going to help you determine the size of truck that you need to rent and the costs involved.

Renting a truck

You can control the costs of the move by selecting the size of truck that you need based on the amount of items that need to be moved to your new location.  However, this is where the advantages to renting a moving truck and doing the move yourself end.

One of the primary disadvantages to doing the move on your own is the stress factor.  You have to do all the work and rely on others to help you.  You may also have to do all the driving which can present other problems.

What if the truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere or you get lost in transit? Fortunately, most truck rental companies offer insurance to cover breaking down and/or causing damage to the truck.

Finally, you only have a certain amount of time to complete the move, unload the truck, and return it to the rental company.  Additionally, there may not be a place for you to return the truck in your new location and you will have to take it to a rental yard that is a considerable distance from where you are relocating to.

Hiring professional movers

There’s no mental or physical stress because a moving service does all the work for you, even the packing of your belongings if you choose that option.  In addition to this, if they damage any of your belongings, you’re normally covered against any of these damages.  If you need more information on our relocation services or would like a free estimate, please call us today.