Self-Service Move vs. Hiring Professional Movers

Self-Service Move vs. Hiring Professional Movers
Self-Service Move vs. Hiring Professional Movers

Self-Service Move vs. Hiring Professional Movers

Even though your move to a new location may not be happening for a few months yet, you still need to start planning this out and getting a jump on things.

Relocating to another city, whether it is in your local area or out of state is never easy, especially if you decide to do the moving yourself.

In addition to the traditional truck rental companies, there are also self-service movers who can assist you with your relocation.

The following will provide you with enough useful information about deciding between this type of service or going with a professional moving service.

What do we mean by self-service moving?

Self-service moving services are often times labeled as “you do the packing and loading, we’ll do the driving” types of moving companies.  Although you are responsible for doing the packing and loading, you will still save money when considering this moving option rather than hiring a professional moving service.  There are basically two types of self-service moving services that you can hire:

  • Mobile storage containers (a.k.a. moving pods) – the container is dropped off by the moving pod company at your home for you to load up with your belongings.  They pick it up and then move it to your new location or they will store it for you at their facility until you are ready for it.
  • Professional driving services – these individuals bring the moving truck to your home or apartment.  They leave the truck while you load it up and then drive your belongings to your new home where you have to unload it.

There are a few advantages to using the self-service moving option, the primary benefit being that this is a more cost-effective option for relocating and you don’t have to worry about driving your belongings to your new location.  However, you have to all the work, from packing and loading the truck to unloading it at your new home.

Consider hiring a professional moving service instead of self-service movers

Although it may cost you slightly more to hire a professional moving service versus using the self-service method, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, especially if they offer pack-and-stack services.

This saves you a lot of time, not to mention alleviating the mental and physical stress involved in relocating by yourself.  Additionally, your belongings are protected against damages by the mover’s liability insurance coverage.

These are the primary advantages to hiring a professional moving service.  If you would like more information regarding the different services we offer or to receive a free estimate for what your move will cost, give us a call or contact us for more information.