How to Choose a Mover in San Fransico, CA

How to Choose a Mover ?
How to Choose a Mover ?

How to Choose a Mover in San Fransisco, CA

If you’re planning on a major relocation in the San Fransico area, you might want to consider hiring a good moving service to assist you in your move.  Moving is never fun whether it is just across town or across the US and being able to rely on a good moving service saves you a lot of stress and worry in the process.

There are literally dozens of moving services in the greater San Fransico County area.  So how do you choose a mover in San Fransico, CA? Here are some suggestions that will make your search a little easier.


  • Choose the moving service that best facilitates your personal moving needs – you’ll want to consider the services they provide such as local, regional, or interstate moving services.  Additionally, some moving companies offer what is called a pack-and-stack service meaning that they will do the packing for you.
  • Get recommendations from people you know and trust – check with other family members, close friends, or even neighbors who recently moved into your neighborhood and get their recommendations.
  • Start searching and make a list – you have a couple of options here.  Either go through your local area phone book or search the internet for movers that can handle your specific needs.  Create a list of several movers and start contacting them.  Be sure to ask each one how long they have been in business, the experience of their drivers and packers, if they also offer storage options, and whether or not they are licensed for interstate moving if you are moving to another state.
  • Verify that the moving service is licensed and regulated – you can contact agencies in your state for information on each company or you can check with other organizations such as the DOT (Dept. of Transportation) or the PUC (Public Utility Commission).
  • Inquire about affiliations with certain trade organizations – if the moving company you are considering is a member of the American Movers Conference, this could be beneficial should a dispute arise down the road.
  • Check with the BBB – you should always contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and see if these companies have had any complaints, or numerous complaints, registered against them.
  • Narrow down your choices and choose a mover – once you have trimmed your list down to your 2 or 3 best choices, start getting estimates for the types of services you want included in the move and make your final decision.
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